Alan Grosskurth


URL Pages Refereed? Printed? Most recently published version 4pp refereed printed 2005 [PDF] [citation]
Alan Grosskurth and Michael W. Godfrey. “A Reference architecture for web browsers.” Pages 661–664 in Proceedings of the 21st IEEE international conference on software maintenance (ICSM'05)—volume 00, held in Budapest, Hungary, September 25–30, 2005; 0–7695–2368–4, IEEE Computer Society. 24pp 2006.06.19 [PDF] [citation]
Alan Grosskurth and Michael W. Godfrey. “Architecture and evolution of the modern web browser.” Submitted for publication. 77pp printed 2007.01.17 [PDF]
Alan Grosskurth. “Purely-top down software rebuilding.” M.Math thesis. D. R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo.