Alan Grosskurth


Date Type Length Venue Country
2005.05.02 contributed talk 20 minutes Canada
Consortium for Software Engineering (CSER) Meeting. University of Ottawa. “Investigating build-time architecture.”
2005.09.29 invited talk 20 minutes conference Hungary
21st International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM). Budapest. “A reference architecture for web browsers.” [PDF slides] [browser-refarch]
2006.04.10 invited talk 45 minutes USA
VMware, Inc. Palo Alto, California. “Reliable software rebuilding.” [PDF slides] [mmath-thesis] Abstract: “Continuous software building and testing is essential for catching bugs early, when they are least costly. Large systems can take a significant amount of time to build from scratch; ideally, only the parts that have changed should be rebuilt. Recent build tools have improved the reliablity of rebuilds over older tools like make; for example, SCons keeps state between builds and uses MD5 signatures to detect changes. However, certain types of build behaviour are still difficult to achieve reliably due to the fact that a full dependency graph must be constructed before starting the build. In this talk, I will describe an alternate model for rebuilding centered around constructing the dependency graph dynamically as the build is carried out. I will discuss some of the design decisions related to implementing this model, and I will show how this approach can simplify aspects such as the handling of configuration variants and implicit dependencies.”